Office Space for Therapists



Need office space - but not a whole month's worth? Rent by hour!

We offer a suite of 3 furnished therapy rooms with a shared waiting room.

Our unique computerized scheduling system allows therapists to schedule office availability via their computer or smartphone and our website. (visit

Two offices are equipped for child therapy.

One office accommodates small groups.

The suite includes a small work/storage room with copier equipment, microwave, and a refrigerator.  Shelving and cabinets hold miscellaneous items.

Bathrooms are adjacent to the offices.

Other amenities include central HVAC and a large parking lot.

We make it easy. No contracts. No minimums. Blocks of time are available.

This is a terrific option for anyone needing to affordably rent office space with more flexibility than a monthly lease allows for. The space is designed for the needs of therapists. Don't need a full-time office location? Maybe you are starting your practice? Or downsizing on a path to retiring? Or need a satellite location to supplement your main office? Or any other situation unique to your needs. Rent your office space by the hour instead of by the month or year. Rent a therapy office for as many or as few hours as your schedule and your clients need. 

Since the suite of offices is shared with other therapists you benefit from the professional appearance of a larger practice without the expense and management hassles of being part of a larger organization.  

Located in Evanston at Central St. and Crawford Ave.  Public transportation is steps away.

Contact Jon at 847.867.4853 or email: